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The habit of reading belongs to the man from the Mesopotamian tablets First cuneiform clay do. Academic culture subordination reality, to the written word; In this century, advances in information technology do not suppress the writing or reading, by contrast, potentiate, make it easily accessible, the democratized, La privilege.

So many centuries of predominance of the Written Word About the spoken word, we reasoned that with the care, precision and rigor involved Written Word, a word that appeals to human reason, which creates human culture. Word and consigned written reason the Greek philosophers who opened the road of science, rationality and Western Culture.

SALUD, HISTORIA Y SANIDAD, is a publication supported by a multidisciplinary working group, composed of physicians, nurses, dentists, epidemiologists, public health specialists, historians, veterinarians, educators physicists, psychologists, professionals in medical informatics, Young Researchers and Seed Research belonging to the Research Groups and Public Health CIECOL of the Association of Graduate nursing AGENF.ORG and ECAT Ltda, integrating its Editorial Committee, while has the support of National and International Publishers.

On Line Magazine, HEALTH, HISTORY AND HEALTH, quarterly publication, arising from the s need to open new spaces for Disseminating and democratizing knowledge m.

SALUD, HISTORIA Y SANIDAD addresses issues of Public Health, Health Sciences, Veterinary Science, History of Medicine and Health, Health Education, Epidemiology, Health Research, Physical Activity, Sports Medicine and Medical Informatics. The Journal publishes original articles, essays, CHECKS, opinion, reviews, memoirs and works Medical Informatics; A graphic can deduce us section, another Where Basic Texts have written our story will be published and another where published in the network PRODUCT Our Research Books, Chapter a chapter, which as did the newspapers of the nineteenth century, for deliveries .

SALUD, HISTORIA Y SANIDAD circulates the months of March, July and November free on the net. Reproduction of material published no sin costo, alone are asked to cite the source is authorized. Subscription to the Journal of SHS is also free. We are OPEN one Collaborations and suggestions from our readers. SHS is a magazine online in permanent construction.


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